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Annual Asset Maintenance

There is always the challenge of achieving the right balance between cost, asset performance, risk management and returns. SpringRock Crystal Industries brings various sets of solutions that enable an integrated approach to optimizing equipment life, managing cost and risk while achieving maximum return on the assets.

A properly defined, scheduled and executed asset maintenance plan results in reduction of unplanned outages and emergency maintenance; minimization of downtime which results in production delays, and elimination of maintenance backlogs. A successful asset annual maintenance system would result in decrease in maintenance costs, reduction in spare parts spending and deliver optimized preventive maintenance. Our services include:


Our team will work jointly with the client to monitor asset performance and identify possible triggers for improvements and maintenance activities. Over time this would enable the establishment of a culture of preventive and predictive maintenance resulting in minimized disruptions to production operations.

Spare Provision

Our delivery ensures that Spare parts processes, service delivery cycle times are reduced while maximizing asset uptime.

We deploy a tracking and analysis of parts inventory usage enabling, forecasting and replenishment, cycle that reduces cost of spares by eliminating obsolescence and damage.


Our execution follows clear safety procedures for all maintenance and repair activities following predefined safety plans for each operation. Required permits and workflow are planned and executed in a timely manner ensuring that planned and actual times are in-sync and maintenance cycles does not add to production delays. The performance is integrated into our process monitoring and tracked to enable enhancement in performance.