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SpringRock Crystal Industries SRcI takes a holistic approach towards maximizing production from an Oil and Gas asset, prolonging the life of a producing asset while minimizing the cost of operations, maintaining the asset integrity and lowering the overall cost of ownership at the same time. Exploiting the strength of SpringRock m.Consults – SRmC a member of our group of companies, we have the ability to extend technical and managerial service to sustain the reserve base to compensate the declining production and to monetize the upside potential of the asset in a most effective manner with minimum risk. Our services are tailored towards extracting the maximum possible resources from the wells which results in increasing the life of the asset, and at the same time ensuring that there is complementary improvement in surface systems and logistics.

In all cases we would analyze the specific challenges of the asset and tailor the optimization approach to those specificities deploying a wide range of techniques and technologies with the aim of reducing the per barrel production costs and increasing the overall production.

These solutions are put together and executed by SpringRock Crystal Industries’ “Innovation Teams” who work side-by-side with a clients’ team.

Vintage natural gas well head in Grijpskerk, Netherlands

Services Groups

SRcI provides the entire Asset Management need including but not limited to:

  • production operations management of the existing assets;
  • asset maintenance including annual maintenance;
  • production optimization and extending economic life of the field with maximum recovery possible;

In the risk financing and gain share business model, SpringRock would work on a suitable cost-risk sharing model with the asset owner to execute a production optimization or enhance oil recovery suite of activities in selected wells or a field. The parties would share the gain in incremental production above the baseline as a result of optimization and innovation implemented.

This offering is the more conventional service model in which there is no financial investment by SpringRock. Our production optimization innovation teams identify, diagnose, and treat production-related problems from underperforming wells and production system bottleneck in three steps

Asset Integrity is a critical component especially post Macondo and several other incidents which occurred in the last decade.

SRCI with SRmC will develop and implement the entire scope of asset integrity, audit, inspection, management, maintenance and improvement to ensure that the asset is operated safely through its design life period and beyond if needed.

There is always the challenge of achieving the right balance between cost, asset performance, risk management and returns. SpringRock Crystal Industries brings various sets of solutions that enable an integrated approach to optimizing equipment life, managing cost and risk while achieving maximum return on the assets.

Your Production Ally

SpringRock Crystal Industries has developed various analytical workflows and key performance indicators (KPIs) which are used to enhance asset production performance.

Our Innovation Teams are available to engage with asset owners to understand their challenges and deploy custom and purpose built solutions to deliver optimized production at lower cost and extended life of the asset.

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