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SpringRock m.Consults

SpringRock m.Consults is built to be the Executive Management and Operating arm of an Exploration & Production Company in the Oil and Gas Industry.  We are designed to bring significant value to exploration and production E&P companies working alongside with them to safely achieve their objectives. Our management team have proven track record of successes in providing the expertise and processes needed to improve performance, increase efficiency and turn around businesses by integrating the technology, processes and services that a project or business needs.

Results driven solutions delivered in tandem or standalone

Our team’s approach to management is unique and is tailored to the needs of each organization, asset or project. We work either in tandem, or collaboratively with a client’s team where a number of oilfield executive talents are already in place or can provide the entire executive management chain and technical competencies (on outsourced basis to a sister business group or and independent provider) required to successfully manage an E&P organization.

Key Strengths

The key strength of SpringRock m.Consults lies in our team’s collective knowledge in the areas of

  • Proven Executive Management
  • Local knowledge and deep understanding of the environment
  • Deep technical and project management capability
  • Process driven management approach
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel
  • Agile and fast decision making
  • Absence of conflict of owning multiple in-house oilfield services and products

SpringRock m.Consults partners with an E&P Company to explore, develop or redevelop fields, bring fields to initial production, improving cash flow and extend recovery. Regardless of the requirements of project or its complexity from complete field management to addressing specific project needs in a fast track basis, SpringRock m.Consults has the systems, processes and expertise to provide a client with in-house developed models and customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs.

We are the partner that will work with you to meet your E&P development needs.

Partners and Clients

SRmC have secured several opportunities for providing Management Solutions to a number of Oil and Gas Producing companies in Nigeria.

SRmC in 2016 signed an agreement with Unicorn Energy Resource UER as the technical partner with areas of responsibilities covering Technical due diligence, Asset development and Production management for Unicorn Nigerian Assets Acquisition and Investments

Services Groups

Our bench of executive management team possess key strengths that standalone or combined delivers outstanding performance.  Some of these attributes include…

Through our innovative executive management we deliver Effective Cost of Wellsby integrating multi-disciplines within the Client’s organization and SpringRock m.Consult leaders and use our in-house built model to achieve cost optimization.

SpringRock m.Consults in conjunction with its sister organization SpringRock Energy Limited can conduct the entire breath of activity in the full chain of E&P lifecycle.

Our team of Petrotechnical Experts, Financial Analyst and Operations Experts are placed at the disposal of an E&P company who is in the process of making an Assets acquisition, Field Development planning or Field Redevelopment planning. We also provide peer reviews to facilitate business decision making. Hence we deliver the independent analysis and answer products required to make the right investment and acquisition decisions.

With the growing involvement of African independents in the E&P domain, African banks, financiers and Private Equity are also growing their involvement in the E&P energy realm. These financial institution need an Energy Desk which SpringRock m.Consults represents.

For efficient and effective management of any organizations, repeatability and resilience can only be achieved via the presence of robust processes. We have extensive expertise in the development for an E&P or any other organization in the Oil and Gas Domain, systems, processes and procedures to enable them operate with a management system.

Over the past decade a number of changes have occurred in the oil and gas domain resulting in changes in requirements for compliance and certifications for certain processes. We have the ability to conduct Gap Analysis and prescribe enhancements for Technical Systems including Health Safety and Environment Management Systems, HSE-MS, Technical Operations Management and Process Improvements.

We have a special offering named the “SpringRock Well Drilling Suite”

SpringRock offers the “Well Drilling Suite” as a special offer on a case by case basis under the leadership of SRmC who utilizes a new approach by integrating our proprietary effective cost of wells with well engineering, well design optimization, planning, preparation and execution.

Why Partner with SpringRock m.Consults

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a significant growth in the number of African Independents entering the E&P domain. These independents need a reliable partner who not only understands them but is not straightjacketed by corporate dictates that are out of sync with local realities. The use of individual or a number of dispersed consultant have not been a successful model and at best have produced marginal results which have often suffered from budget and schedule overruns, lower-than-forecasted production, operating surprises causing unforeseen cost increases, and consequent difficulties with continuation of the projects.

Your Partner

We are your partner of choice for the exploitation of your Oil and Gas Asset.

We are available and flexible to team up with your organization in varying manners that are aimed at achieving your corporate goal and delivering the most optimal results and returns.