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Quality + Health, Safety and Environmental

Our commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is supported by our Q-HSE policy and our Management system which utilizes international recognized standards to attain strong performance and maintain continuous improvement.


At SpringRock Energy Quality performance and delivery of quality services by our various Oilfield services group is the bedrock of our existence.

Our focus on delivering excellent performance consistently is fundamental to our competitiveness. Hence we drive and foster a proactive quality culture which must be understood, shared and practiced by all employees as an integral part of our day to day activities.

We hold a fundamentally belief that all losses are preventable and losses occur only due to failure in quality management system and hence management is committed to demonstrate visible leadership in delivering quality and must actively participate in the process of quality management.

Our commitment to our own success, that of our partners and the success of our customers requires us to achieve excellence in everything we do.



We are committed to being a good and responsible neighbor to our host communities. Hence our operations will be conducted safely and responsibly and we would proactive consult with stakeholders for all elements that are of mutual interest.


The health of our employee is paramount to our business success. We promote healthy practices through provision of resources for proactive and preventive health and lifestyle management. Our health training and certification systems are designed to ensure that employees proactively take preventive measures and are aware of health enhancement practices. Periodic wellness fairs are designed to take our in house practices to the larger community involving family of employees and citizens of our host communities.

No Accidents

Our safety system is designed for accident prevention and we believe that all accidents are avoidable and can be prevented. Our goal is an accident and injury free work place.

Risk Assessment

Proper management of risk is fundamental to safe operations and safety of our people. We systematically identify potential hazards, analyze their relative significance and deploy mitigation measured to ensure every risk is adequately addressed.

Training and Development

We are committed to ensure that employees and contractors understand their responsibilities and that they are adequately trained and competent to carry out their job roles safely and effectively.

Security and Emergency Response

Line Management is responsible to ensure that adequate security of live and property is maintained at all times and that a robust emergency response system is in place as required. SpringRock Energy is committed to maintain emergency plans to protect everyone in and around our facility, field operation sites and our corporate resources


We would maintain adequate resources for environmental emergency response.

Pollution prevention and resource conservation

SpringRock Energy is committed to environmental protection and our environmental standards call for minimum measures at all sites including maintenance of environmental history file, monthly analysis of fluid waste discharges, resources conservation plans and maintenance of waste reduction program and minimization of emissions throughout our operations.

Regulatory Compliance

We would comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and encourages environmental protection practices that are not solely dependent on the legal requirements.

HSE Performance Monitoring

Our HSE indicators are attuned to the specific needs of the various operating locations. These indicators are measured periodically for compliance to both internal policies and objectives and to legislative and regulatory requirements. Periodic reviews and audits are key elements of our HSE Management System.

Contractor Management and Performance

We acknowledge that our contractors are an integral part of our delivery team. Hence SpringRock Energy is committed to monitoring the performance of contractors and will use their performance as part of selection criterion and will work with them to align or common interests and where required provide them with training to ensure that a culture of excellence in delivery of Quality and Health, Environment and Safety is maintained.

Continuous Improvement

We have commitment to communicate our HSE commitment, performance and responsibility to our employees, externally to governmental agencies and stakeholders. We would also champion awareness and education on safety practices within our areas of operation.