Who are we looking for? Careers at SpringRock ...You deserve SpringRock

Who are we looking for?

We hire experienced, less experience and new graduates. We look for persons across a wide range of disciplines with Diplomas and degree levels of Bachelors, Masters and PHD.

However, we do not look at your degree level or years of experience first. We are first interested in your “attitude”.  At SpringRock we know that our long term success lies on our ability to attract, train and retain the best persons, who are motivated, innovative and results oriented.

Our people are our greatest assets and provides our best competitive advantage hence we choose to recruit and develop the best persons and in turn we would provide to them a healthy work environment where everyone can grow and rise as high as their talent can take them at the shortest possible time.

The qualities we look for include persons who have ability to work with a team, have strong interpersonal skills, demonstrates maturity, can make sound judgement, who also work with integrity, high ethical standards and can project themselves and represent SpringRock with confidence. We also expect them to have graduated with top academic results.