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Education Development

The economic advancement of any modern day society rests on the availability of scientists to use science, engineering and technology to develop solutions to the challenges around them and better the standard of living. These, begins from having students enamoured with pursuits of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM.

Educational development would be aimed at supporting schools within our host communities through the provision of education and teaching aids, learning facilities etc. When a school is selected for a grant, the needs of the school will be assessed and based on the findings the appropriate support will be designed and provided.

Areas of focus includes but are not limited to

  • Educational Endowment;
  • Development of Teachers;
  • Scholarships; and
  • Education stimulation programs such as Science Contest and Student Scientist of the Year.

Provision of Tools for learning of the building blocks of STEM in the area of

  • Workshops and academies where school children are exposed to smartboard software, programming, robotics etc;
  • Provision of science laboratory and library books and electronic aids in schools to improve availability of adequate learning tools and materials; and
  • Be a Scientist Program a program that is aimed at inspiring students to pursue career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • We would conduct workshops that are aimed at developing the ability of the teachers to ignite the love of Sciences and Mathematics in their students; and
  • We would collaborate with bodies who already have established programs to conduct these programs and build a network of companies whom we can collaborate with in this regard.
  • Scholarships are a part of the tools that enables supporting the education of the brightest students who may not have the opportunity to obtain high quality education due to not being from families that can finance their education.
  • It is also aimed at students who have shown interest in science at the early stage of their education and who show promise to attain higher excellence in the study of science, engineering and technology.
  • Science contests amongst schools: This is a yearly program that is aimed at having young students in secondary schools undertake a science project that would be showcased in a project contest.
  • Student Scientist of the Year program: This is an award that is given to the student who have most excelled in science in each year in their school for Secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3 levels of studies.

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