Our People ...You deserve SpringRock

 Developing Our Team

The ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain a highly competent and diverse workforce is the cornerstone of the success of SpringRock.

SpringRock’s commitment to training and development is a competitive advantage in the industry. We would invest time and resources in our structured training and development programs to develop competent workforce who will excel in all areas of activity of SpringRock.

A number of intensive training programs provide continuous learning and progression opportunities to employees throughout their careers. For new recruits, business groups as well as support functions offer dedicated, structured career-development training programs. The commitment to development continues throughout both technical and managerial career paths with a focus on a competency management approach.

SpringRock has a number of training systems and programs that are designed to ensure the entire workforce are adequately prepared for their roles and ensure continuous update and improvement of the knowledge and competence of SpringRock people. We have a number of training systems some of which are outlined below

  • Management Systems Training
  • Well Construction Project Management Training
  • Drilling Systems Training
  • Policies and Culture Workshops
  • Talent Track
  • Production Management Systems Training
  • Collaboration Workshops

A comprehensive Management Development Program is also offered for line managers of all levels. This program is based on our Leadership Essentials, a manifesto of key behaviors SpringRock expects from its leaders and managers.


Our teams, are dedicated to delivering the best quality service to our customers worldwide through collaboration and teamwork

“SpringRock is committed to attracting, retaining and motivating the best people”

SpringRock strives to attract, develop, motivate and retain highly talented people who carry out their work with pride and passion. We bring out the best in them by creating an equal playing field and allowing them to be innovative and try new ideas. We reward their accomplishments and provide them with challenging and rewarding opportunities for personal growth. We aim to have a diverse workforce in a multicultural environment there by bringing together the best of the world and encourage teamwork and collaboration. Open communication is what makes SpringRock a pleasurable place to work.

Above all, we continue to remain a company that cares for its people.