Our Mission, Vision and Values ...You deserve SpringRock


To be “the Development and Production Company” of the Oil and Gas Industry in both the Oilfield Services and Exploration & Production domains of the Industry.


To build SpringRock Group into the most professional and profitable “One-Stop-Shop” for the Oil & Gas Play by bringing   the   latest   and “Best-in-Class” technologies in the Oil & Gas Industry to our processes and delivery and creating new innovations for the global Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Values “We Live It”


We continue to learn new ways to do things differently and excel in all we do

“Learning is the fuel that drives our engine of success”

By learning new ways of doing things we distinguished our company from our competition and this enables us to compete successfully. Continuous learning enables us to take calculated risks, remain agile thereby giving us the ability to act with speed and precision.


Innovation is what we use to convert obstacles and challenges into opportunities, there by setting us apart from our competition.

“We convert obstacle and challenges into business opportunities”

Our open spirit encourages the embrace of change and search of  new and innovative ways to deliver. By encouraging innovation we archive continuous improvement by learning from our experiences and developing more robust systems

Value Creation

Our stakeholders depend on us to create value for them and retain our ability to act independently by remaining profitable.

Our business focus is directed to growth areas where we can establish competitive advantage, produce outstanding results and create significant value for our stakeholders. Strong value creation through delivery of superior profits in a sustainable and long-term driven manner is what would enable us to maintain our independence of actions.


Excellence is what stand us out and is our competitive advantage

“Creativity and passion for excellence is what makes us SpringRock”

We are committed to operational excellence, product and service quality. Our people are challenged to excel and to use entrepreneurial spirit in their decision making while being accountable for their actions and their results.


We carry out our activities to the highest of standards and our integrity is what keeps us in business.

Our business is built on long term relationships that are bound by trust. SpringRock stands by our promises. We treat our stakeholders comprising of employees, shareholders, customers and host communities with fairness, honesty and respect.


Our teams, are dedicated to delivering the best quality service to our customers worldwide through collaboration and teamwork

“SpringRock is committed to attracting, retaining and motivating the best people”

We are a company that cares for its people.