Environmental Protection and Performance ...You deserve SpringRock

Environmental Protection and Performance

Our environmental protection and performance is aimed at achieving a number of goals including protecting water and managing the use of water, reduction in emission, avoiding spills and contamination, protective biodiversity and leaving all sites in the same environmental condition or even better.

Our expectation of performance is drawn from the SpringRock Environmental Policy.  This policy embodies the following principles

  • Creation of awareness through environmental specific risk reporting
  • Providing adequate training to our employees to ensure competency and effective practice of our management system as related to the environment.
  • Deploy adequate resources with preventive systems for business continuity coupled with the ability to recover from emergency and any other form of business disruption
  • Build-in risk management measures into our processes and assets
  • Ensure minimal impact to the Environmental as a result of our operations and promote good environmental practices through our procedures
  • Recognition of outstanding performance in Environmental Protection practices, and use of audits and inspections for Continuous Improvement
  • Maintain Stakeholders satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their expectations and remain a responsible and positive contributory member of the communities where we operate
  • Respect of all local laws and regulations and be a leader in environmental compliance and protection practices.


Through the employment of these principles we aim to achieve superior environment performance and achieving leadership in the area of environment performance.

Our employees show their dedication to these principles by caring for the environment in the communities where we work through the application of best practices.

Our environment assessment procedure enables us to identify, assess, manage and monitor environment risks.

Our environment standards provide the processes and procedures that we utilize to achieve our environment protection and performance.