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 Strategic Community Engagement

A key enabler for SpringRock is the maintenance of continuous social license to operate and securing a social license to operate calls for a strategic alignment with our host communities. This would then enable SpringRock to conduct its business uninterrupted. To attain this license from our host communities we have outlined strategic alignment initiatives that will result in alignment of interests between the communities and SpringRock. These are the communities where we have continuous engagement that lasts more than a year to several years.

Core Focus of Strategic Community Alignment

There are several areas of alignment strategy with the community and these are addressed in relevant sections of our sustainability strategy. This section addresses the core elements of specific community engagement which include:

  • Employment and Empowerment training; and
  • Infrastructure development as appropriate.

What are the needs?

SpringRock would engage the community stakeholders to understand the key areas of needs and areas which require attention, through periodic engagement. The input we gather from these we would then include in our decision making processes as related to the two main focus areas outlined above. Through these engagements we would ensure that we do not put into place programs or projects that may not reflect or match the aspirations of the communities at that point in time.

Governance Structure

Our strategy will be governed by a set structure which comprises of a steering committee and an Implementation Board. The roles and responsibilities of these two boards are as defined herein.

The steering committee will be responsible for setting the strategy and defining the projects and activities to be embarked upon by the trust. They also have the responsibility of setting the budget for a project. The Steering committee will hold bi-annual meetings to review the progress of projects as well as any other business of the day as need arise. A minimum of 5 members will be needed to form a quorum.

  • Composition: Committee shall comprise of 7 members 4 of whom are appointed by SpringRock (employees and none employees) with the other 3 nominated by the community.
  • Tenure: Committee shall have a 3 years tenure after which members may step down. Not more than 50% of the community nominated members who had distinguished themselves may be re-elected into the board for a final tenure of another 3 years.

The implementation board would be charged with implementation of the projects that has been defined by the steering committee. They shall have the role of executing the projects within a defined time frame and within the set budget.

  • Composition: Board shall comprise of 7 members 4 of whom are appointed by SpringRock with the other 3 nominated by the community. They would have defined skills needed to discharge their responsibilities.
  • Tenure:  The implementation board shall have a 3 years tenure after which members may step down. Not more than 50% of the community nominated member who had distinguished themselves may be re-elected into the board for a final tenure of another 3 years.

The trust is a defined tranche of money that will be set aside by SpringRock for the purpose of funding community alignment initiatives as defined by SpringRock with buy-in from the host community.

The trust shall be funded by a budget approved by the board of directors of SpringRock Energy Ltd and the budget shall not be less than the equivalent of 0.05% annual gross revenue of SpringRock.

A custodian appointed by SpringRock would manage the trust fund. This custodian shall be a known financial institution with the requisite expertise in managing such funds.

Core Objectives

The conventional wisdom is that a company’s ability to hire local workforce is dependent on the availability of appropriately qualified manpower. This is not the SpringRock way. Rather at SpringRock we invest to enhance the availability of adequately qualified individuals. This results in our overcoming the challenges related to developing and retaining local workforce that has the requisite skill that matches our business requirements. We also recognize that as activity in an area increase the pool of workforce is depleted hence working in growing the pool is the only sustainable way to continue to actively engage the local community in our business operations.

By engaging in education and training programs we impact the following skills which makes all  workforce hireable for our needs.

  • Technical training related to construction activities, welding, fabrication and equipment operation
  • Training in health, safety and environment protection principles and practices
  • Soft skill related to fundamentals of the Oil and Gas industry and Basic Management
  • Training on Ethics principles and Code of Conduct in line with our policies.

Employment of suitably qualified and able-bodied individuals would be a cornerstone of our man power development without sacrificing the operational standards of SpringRock. On a yearly basis, we would take on board a number of undergraduates from the host communities for skills and techniques training.

These persons on graduation would be empowered to seek gainful employment in other organizations or be absorbed in SpringRock when such opportunities exist.

The areas of Infrastructure Investment by the trust are as outlined below. These are the areas based on our assessment of the need in the areas that we would operate. We would also continuously engage with community stakeholders in further dialogue with the communities to ensure that our programs are aligned with their interests and this would enable any other relevant areas to be incorporated in our infrastructure development program.

  • Infrastructure: Clean Portable Water
  • Infrastructure: Educational Facilities
  • Entrepreneurial Grants
  • Training on Health and Safety
  • Farming Project Support and Provision of Support materials
  • Tractor and Other farming equipment rental scheme.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU will be entered into between SpringRock and the host community outlining the expected outcome from our relationship and the roles and responsibilities of the parties. This would result in alignment of interests and ensuring that the outcome of our engagement delivers the true needs of the communities in which we operate.

The Sustainable Development Process in SpringRock