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The Sustainable Development Process in SpringRock

Sustainable development as a first step has been integrated in SpringRock’s business profile on various levels. SpringRock will develop a checklist that is divided into the three dimensions of the sustainable development:

The issue regarding the environmental dimension is to determine whether or not our projects has a positive environmental impact and how the key aspects of environment have been considered. The following issues should be considered:

  • To what degree will the project reduce or prevent emission of persistent toxic pollutants?
  • Will the project result in the recovery of natural resources?
  • Is the use of fossil energy reduced by the project?
  • Is the project of benefit to biodiversity?
  • How have green procurement targets been included within the project?

With regards to the economic dimension, it is important to identify the sustainable economic drivers that influence the project and to determine whether or not the project in itself makes any kind of contribution for the establishment of economic tools for sustainable development.

  • How does the project strengthen the financial tools for ecosystem protection?
  • Have the costs of all ecosystem effects been taken into consideration?
  • Are all the financial drivers of the project sustainable?
  • Has the polluter pays principle been followed?

The social issues relating to sustainable development comprise the knowledge and conduct of the population, their health and integrated sustainable development management.

  • How does the project increase the public’s understanding of sustainability?
  • How does the project influence citizens’ positive sustainability behaviour?
  • How does the project create positive effects for the public health?
  • How does the project contribute to more integrated policy, planning or management, for sustainable development?

Administration of this policy shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director of each Business Group. The Managing Director shall be responsible for the implementation of this policy and will make the necessary resources available to realize our corporate responsibilities.

The responsibility for our performance to this policy rests with all employees throughout the company.