SpringRock Group launched SpringRock Gemini Resources and Talent Track Human Development Program. The event was held in Lagos, Nigeria at EKO Hotel and Suites on 19th May, 2017. The welcome address was delivered by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SpringRock Group, Mr. Eke U Eke. It was centered on SpringRock Group and its business entities, the launching of SpringRock Gemini Resources and its proprietary Human Development Program “Talent Track”. The full welcome address can be downloaded here.
In addition to the introduction of the six (6) business groups that make up the SpringRock Group, the launching also focused on “Talent Track” Human Development for engineers in the oil and gas industry. This was elaborated in the presentation by our Chief Technology and Operating Officer (CTOO), Mr. J. Muthukumar.

Talent track is designed to eliminate the challenge of developing fresh engineers to be adequately proficient for deployment in an Oil and Gas company. The “Talent track” model would solve the problem of building a new talent pool to supplement the existing limited pool of competent and skilled persons who can demonstrate capability, employability and adaptability to meet requirements of Oil and Gas companies.

The “Talent Track” Human Development program of SpringRock Gemini Resources in collaboration with iWells, Dubai is a unique training designed to enhance the competency of an engineer within 6-9 months through an international standard competency development model which would have required 2-3 years in a traditional training model. The CTOO’s presentation discussed the Seven Principles of Application Oriented Matrix Model which are used in the “Talent Track” Human Development program for enhancing an engineer’s talent and competency.

The program is aimed at developing the competency of engineers at three different levels, which are:

Level 1: Entry level, for fresh engineers and beginners with less than 1-2 years’ experience.

Level 2: Intermediate level, for experienced engineers or personnel with minimum 5 years of experience or has completed level 1 of the training.

Level 3: Advanced or Domain Expert Level, for people with more than 8 years of industry experience.

The event was a success with Executives and Senior Managers from over 25 companies, Bank Executives and Publications Leaders in the upstream sector in the Oil and Gas Industry present.

To learn more, visit our website: www.springrockgeminiresources.com.