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Production Optimization Solutions

This offering is the more conventional service model in which there is no financial investment by SpringRock. Our production optimization innovation teams identify, diagnose, and treat production-related problems from underperforming wells and production system bottleneck in three steps:

  • Evaluate: Analysis of the maximum flow potential of the wells or the field using the existing/historical production data and the wells performance
  • Diagnose: Identification of the major factors inhibiting optimal production and recommendation of solutions to improve production.
  • Treat: Deployment of the solutions

OPEX Optimization

Reduction in cost per barrel is key to the improvement in the profitability of a producing asset especially in low oil price environment. Our “Innovation Teams” can provide:

  • Analysis of operations and cost prior to our being engaged
  • Systems and practices enhancements to achieve reduction of “Cost per barrel”

We would undertake to achieve set targets and this can be graduated or scaled in such a way that incremental improvements beyond the minimum set threshold brings increasing value to both the asset owner and SpringRock Crystal Industries.

Production Operations Management

We have the capability to manage production operations on behalf of our clients. This would enable the client to focus on other critical tasks while we support the production operations. The services delivered in this offering includes:

  • Metering
  • Monitoring
  • Well Head Maintenance

In some specific cases the scope can be expanded to include analysis of production data and well performance resulting in a predictive intervention.